Overseas shipping is available by EMS.

* There is no free shipping in the overseas shipment.

■Procedure of the overseas shipment

1.Please order it by an email first.

  E-mail address : aqua@mame-design.jp

2.Please write the name, a zip code, an address,

 a telephone for the email in detail.

3.I am in tune with the sale page with your
 postage as a product.

  * Please settle an account after choosing a

   product (the postage) by all means.

4.Please purchase it to see a procedure.

●When you choose the remittance.

 Name of the Bank:Mizuho Bank

 Address of the bank:

   〒241-0022 2-20turugamine asahi-ku

   yokohama-shi kanagawa japan


 Account number:1015743

 Name of the accountant : Ken Ritsuno

 Router Number : turugamine 550

 Swift Cord : MHBKJPJT